Welcome to The 125 Collection! I'm Valerie Wray, CEO and Founder of this NYC born candle and lifestyle brand. Imagine the busy streets of New York City, the energy, the attitude, the grit and the glamour—it's all infused into the very essence of what we do. 

Back in 2015, I was on quest to make my small Harlem apartment as luxurious as possible and wanted to find premium candles that really resonated with me. I couldn't find a brand that I connected to so I took matters  into my own hands and created The 125 Collection.

Luxury goods shouldn't be reserved for just a select few and we're here to make luxury inclusive and accessible. By reimagining what luxury looks like, we infuse personality into everything we do, making our products premium yet relatable. (and yes, they are soy based, paraben free and phthalate free). 

I created the quotes as little whispers of inspiration + entertainment, sparked from moments (good and bad and hilarious) of everyday life. I reflect on the power of the words every time I light a candle; making it a true experience—a chance to ignite my senses, embrace self-care,  and be unapologetically me.

No matter where our brand takes us, we'll always stay connected to our Harlem home, so much so I named the brand after the legendary 125th Street that runs through the heart of the community.  

Join us on this journey and explore our collection. We're here to light up your world, one candle at a time!